Thursday, August 4, 2011

wipe the slate clean

Do you ever wish you could press the reset button?  Or, at the very least, the pause button?  Just to give yourself a little bit more time.  Or even a brand new beginning. 

I like making a fresh start.  Having a clean slate.  Like a chalkboard that's been wiped down carefully with soapy water until it sparkles, not just swiped at quickly with a brush, leaving behind chalk dust and a faint reminder of what was written before.

It's refreshing.  It's exciting.  And, honestly, it's not always attainable.  Sometimes a chalk board is just so worn, that it simply cannot be restored to it's original state, no matter how hard you scrub or what you use to clean it.  But the fact does remain: you tried.

So this is my clean slate.  My "do over."  

No, I did not delete my old blog posts.  Far from it.  They are simply hidden for the time being.  So that I can focus, re-center my mind, and delve back in to the process of sharing my heart through this venue.  Because the truth is, I need to write.  I have missed it, but struggled with how to jump back in.  So many times I tried.  And failed.  

By nature, I am an organized person.  When a room is disorganized, consequently my thoughts tend to be disorganized also.  Often times, I have found that the best (and easiest!) way for me to clear my head is to organize my surroundings.  So I did the thing that makes most sense to me:  I cleaned.  And organized.  And now that this "room" is clean, I feel I can heave a sigh of relief and continue on this journey. 

I hope you'll continue to stick around with me!   


  1. woot! sticking around definitely!

  2. I could have totally written this post (okay, so maybe not as eloquently)! I want to hide some of my old posts..I just don't know how to do it. And I definitely don't want to delete them. Too many memories, of all different kinds. But I'm ready to jump back in with a fresh start as well.

    I am officially scheduling in blog visiting time. And you're on my schedule :)


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