Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breathing new life

into this poor, sadly neglected blog.  How did I let nearly five months go by without even attempting a new post?

Our family is about to experience a major change.  I want to capture every bit of it I can, both as we prepare for the change and as we experience it.  We are going to do something I never, ever thought I'd do...

We are moving across the country.

In just three short weeks, we will pack up everything we own, load it onto a truck, and drive over 2,500 miles from Oregon to Ohio. 

I am an Oregoinan, through and through.  I was born and raised here.  I have lived here, in the same city (save the 3 years I lived in California for college) all my life.  When we moved back here as newlyweds, I jsut knew we'd raise our kids here, too.  Well, until now.  Up until I was 23, the furthest east I had ever been was Las Vegas.  Since then I have visited Ohio once, Indiana for my brother's wedding, and visited family friends in Illinois. 

I'm hoping to turn the lights back on in this old blog and set up camp.  I want to record this journey our family is taking, especially since we'll soon be embarking on the longest road trip of our lives.

*This is not exactly what the route will look like.  This is me using Paint to draw a squiggly line on a map of the United States.  But you get the idea.

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