Thursday, August 18, 2011

i learned a new trick

It happened on accident.

Sometimes, convincing my three-year-old to take her nap can be a challenge.  Sometimes, it is impossible.  In fact, I've stopped calling it "nap time" and instead refer to that 2-hour stretch as "rest time."  The rules are simple:  she doesn't actually have to lay down and go to sleep, but she does have to stay in her room (usually on her bed) and read books or find some other quiet activity.  Sometimes she falls asleep, sometimes not, but if successful, rest time is good for all of us.  Without it, my sweet, adorable three-year-old becomes a whiny, cranky, I-don't-know-how-you-could-possibly-be-related-to-me child by dinnertime.  Trust me, folks; it ain't pretty.

Back in April, while in Indiana for my brother's wedding, my parents bought Julia one of these:

Ain't he cute?  Audrey has a pink one just like it...

Anyway, she loves it.  Blue, she calls him.  (Original, I know.  I tell ya, she gets her creativity from me.)

Yesterday, after lunch, I announced to Julia that it was time to clean up and get ready for rest time.  She looked up from attempting to swaddle Blue and replied, "He needs to take a nap, too!"

Then I got an idea.

"Yes," I told her.  "Monkey is verrrrryyy tired.  He wants to go to sleep."  "Shhh!"  She chidded me.  "We need to be quiet."  "Okay," I told her, in my best quiet voice.  "Let's climb into bed nice and careful so Monkey can take a nap."

I tell you what.  It worked.  That girl laid down right next to ol' Blue, covered them both with her blanket, and was sawing logs within minutes.

I didn't hear a peep for a solid 2 hours.

And lest you think this new "trick" was a one-time fluke... it worked again today.

I love learning new things.

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