Friday, August 12, 2011

dinner at sweet tomatoes

While there, we managed to...

...knock over not one, not two, but three full glasses, spilling copious amounts of water across the table each time.  How does that even happen?  Oh yes, we have two small children, one of which acts as a tornado and has the ability to reach much further than is humanly possible. enormous portions of delicious salad, each crafted specifically for the intended eater. Okay, so Audrey ate mostly peas and cooked pasta, and Julia nibbled on corn, olives, and one lone carrot from the salad bar.  Justin and I, however, took full advantage of all Sweet Tomatoes has to offer. that Julia loves Jell-O.  Audrey does not. just enough carbs to almost cancel out the fact that we began our meal very healthily.  I said almost!

...leave more food on the floor than we actually consumed. Thank-you-very-much, Auders!  

...spend more time getting up to get someone more food, wipe a dirty face, clean up a spill, or take someone to the bathroom than sitting down and, you know, eating.

...decide that yes, after the mess we made, it is important to tip the guy who walks by every 10 minutes to clear away dirty dishes.  Thank you, sir, for not giving us a dirty look every time you approached our table.  Must've been hard.

...agree that, even though it can get a little crazy (and messy), its still very worth taking the time to go out to dinner with our family.  Occasionally.  

Hey, as long as I don't have to do the dishes!

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  1. I love Sweet Tomatoes! Even with kids, or maybe especially with kids.


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